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Intercultural Training, Coaching & Consulting

In today's global world, it is increasingly common to interact with people from different cultures: national, regional, organizational, functional, corporate, generational or gender. Intercultural awareness training enables people to successfully navigate the challenges of working and living in a foreign country or working in one's own country or virtually with people from multiple cultures. 
If you want to acquire or improve the specific skills needed to succeed in today’s global workplace, I am your partner for dynamic and innovative training and development.

Specific expertise in the USA, France, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Poland among other countries

I propose strategies for working and communicating effectively with other cultures including:

  • Compare cultural values
  • Understand varying communication styles across cultures
  • Optimize verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Present effectively to an international audience
  • Look at cultural stereotypes
  • Avoid cultural clashes and misunderstandings 
  • Lead productive virtual and face-to-face meetings
  • Collaborate for best results
  • Analyze country profiles

Intercultural Training Topics


  • Effective International Communication 
  • Working and Living in ... (country) pre or post departure 
  • Effective International Presentations
  • Successful Intercultural Negociations 
  • Working with a multicultural team 
  • Managing a multicultural team
  • Managing a virtual team
  • Managing international projects 
  • Country Expertise
  • Cultural Awareness: Working in a Multicultural Environment      


  • Optimize Your Intercultural Communication 
  • Speaking in Front of an International Audience
  • Effectively Managing international Meetings
  • Writing Effective E-mails in an intercultural context     


  • Living and Working in... (pays) 
  • Pre-Departure Training 
  • In-country Orientation 
  • Effectively Prepare Your Expatriation to (country) 
  • Supporting the Accompanying Spouse 
  • Repatriation       


  • Time Management
  • Organization     

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Benefits of Intercultural Training & Coaching


Our intercultural training programs provide: 

  • practical tools to reduce misunderstandings and encourage positive intercultural working relationships  
  • in-depth intercultural awareness and a comprehensive understanding of the impact of cultural differences 
  • CultureActive intercultural assessment (extra fee) that creates your profile to help identify strategies for more effective intercultural working relationships
  • an enhanced understanding of the intercultural challenges of a multicultural work environment
  • opportunities to enhance intercultural awareness and competence of management and all team members 


Fons Trompenaars


Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP) Certified Facilitator

Fons Trompenaars, THT Consulting

Amsterdam Netherlands - 2014

Richard Lewis


Lewis Model/Culture Active 

Trainer & Facilitator

Richard Lewis, RLC Communications

Hampshire England- 2016  

Milton Bennett


Constructivist Intercultural Communication 

Milton Bennett, IDRAcademy

Milan Italy - 2015   


Our Solutions

We create custom programs to develop team members and provide solutions for you and your company.  Improve performance, results and possibilities with Development & Training Solutions.

Choose the best solution for your situation:

  • half-day one-to-one or family preparation for an expat assignment
  • multi-day group seminars to increase the cultural awareness and effectiveness of team members and staff 
  • workshops to train and put into practice new insights
  • consulting with French companies wanting to set up in the US or import US franchises to France
  • Practical tools like the online Culture Active® profile that allow rapid awareness and understanding.

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Adam M, BG Program Controlling Director, Faurecia, La Défense

It was a fantastic training, overachieved my expectations, excellent cooperation with Pamela, good materials. I am super happy that I was able to participate in it. Thank you. 

Catherine K - International Mobility Manager, Saint-Gobain Construction Products, La Défense

"I can enthusiastically recommend Pamela as a cross-cultural consultant to prepare colleagues for expatriation, to help multicultural teams work more smoothly and to coach people for international presentations and negotiations, among other needs.  Pamela is also a great coach who can provide frank and neutral advice. 
She helps to consider things in a different way, and I always highly appreciate her observations and suggestions. 
 I am very pleased to work with her. Thank you Pamela for your enthusiasm, positive energy and passion for high quality work and solutions!"

Gérard A - HR Director, Imerys, Paris

"Pamela is an excellent professional. She is a wonderful English trainer . She adapts easily to any kind of communication tools we work with such as: virtual classes, face-to-face interviews, elearning, presentations, etc... She is a real asset for our training department."


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