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Communication Coaching in English

Do you want to feel comfortable speaking English and communicating your ideas and messages? Though years of experience, we know how to overcome preconceptions and difficulties in learning English language and communications:  

-  the idea that English can be spoken like your native language, but with different words;  

-  the feeling that specific English phrasings are too simple and direct to correctly express your thoughts;  

-  the conviction that English is a language stripped of logic, that it must be learned "by heart", by memorizing ready-made expressions (similar to the Berlitz method);  

-  the impression that the British and Americans "swallow" half of each word;  

-  the refusal to pronounce certain sounds judged unpleasant sounding.    

The PENN Method© and PENN Business Communication© will help you overcome these preconceived, false ideas by a progressive, structured and reassuring approach, based on Cartesian logic and critical thinking. This leads the learners to adopt new attitudes, to increase their confidence in using the language and to eliminate habitual errors. Our pedagogic method distinguishes itself on every level:  

Linguistic: The method was created for a Francophone audience. It is based on ten developed concepts that incite speakers to abandon their reflex to translate word for word, therefore building sentences directly in correct English, without making "errors."  

Training Materials: 40 published modules (1,200 pages), with a variety of written and oral exercises used during sessions. They can also be used for self-training at home to complement sessions, additional practice which is indispensable for progress.  

Oral Comprehension: A specific approach inspired by "speed reading" with oral exercises linked to the ten concepts. It allows challenges specific to the francophone ear to be overcome by using a listening technique based on logic as well as the knowledge acquired during lessons.  

Role Playing: Motivating, and generally in relation to the company's professional activity, role plays put into immediate practice what has just been taught.  

Scheduling: Original and flexible lesson formulas, to assure a maximum return on your training budget investment, create minimal disturbance in your employees' busy schedule, and save travel time since we come to you.     

Of course we provide all the organizational follow-up that you need in relation to your training programs and plans. We are native English speakers who have worked in companies and the professions and are experienced with The PENN Method©.    

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To help our Clients and their Collaborators to communicate even more effectively in English to reach their objectives more easily & across borders.

Client Testimonials

S-M G, Labor Lawyer, Paris

"I met Pamela in 2009 when i was working for a law firm. She was our English communications trainer for 2 years. It was a real pleasure to learn with her, like a breath of oxygen and I was really disappointed when I had to stop working with her.

This year, I was a little lost and at a turn of the road with the opportunity to prepare a professional change. Naturally, i contacted Pamela because I wanted to improve my communication skills in English again and review basic English rules.

In addition to being a good communications trainer in English, she is also a good coach, open-minded and optimistic.
She taught me the difference between I have to/must and I want to during the first session, and to consider positively a professional transition.

I really recommend Pamela."

Julie R, HR Manager, Cédéo France

"When I took the position of Individual Shareholder Manager, I started to work with Pamela because I wanted to improve my communication skills in English and review basic English rules. We worked together for 2 years and I really feel more comfortable speaking today and giving a clear message. Pamela always knows how to explain things easily. She is a good teacher, very patient and always in a good mood.
I recommend Pamela to anybody who needs a trainer in English language communication who is also good at explaining things simply."

Blandine M, Senior Consultant, @Axession Open Innovation Programs

"Pamela Strawgate is a very effective English coach. I asked her to work with colleagues in our company who have different levels of English. She not only gave the best offer during the "appel d'offre" I conducted but she has also done outstanding work with the different teams. In addition to these face to face sessions, she also had phone sessions with our CEO. She gets great results from her clients because she really engages them. Her talent as a coach is obvious from the way she works with people and is an extra that not many English trainers provide."


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