Intercultural Training

In today's global world, it is increasingly common to interact with people from different cultures: national, regional, organizational, functional, corporate, generational or gender. Intercultural awareness training enables people to successfully navigate the challenges of working and living in a foreign country or working in one's own country or virtually with people from multiple cultures. 
If you want to acquire or improve the specific skills needed to succeed in today’s global workplace, we are your partner for dynamic and innovative training and development. 

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Communication Coaching

To communicate effectively with people from different cultures, an informed approach is necessary and English is generally the common language. However, to guarantee impactful and engaging communication, just speaking the same language is not enough. We give you the self-awareness to understand your natural communication style and build on your personal strengths while managing any limitations. The focus is always on helping you deliver the most effective communication possible  

- whatever the message: presentations, public speaking, leading and/or participating in international meetings, writing strategic documents and  

- whoever the audience: international, multicultural or native speakers.  

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 We translate your French communications into English, keeping you voice and style. Trust us with you presentations, websites, documents, pamphlets, ... 

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In 2008, Pamela Strawgate created Development & Training Solutions, an intercultural Skills training and coaching activity. This was in response to the increased demand for intercultural Competency training from her English Communication clients. 

Pamela's educational and professional experience makes her ideally suited to this profession.
Over the years, her client feedback and evaluations express appreciation for her creativity, acute listening skills and her generosity as well as her frankness, enthusiasm and her unfailing professionalism. 

What is perhaps most valued by clients are the results.

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